Delivering a trusted digital forensic solution integrated with IPEVO Document Cameras

MSAB Case Study

Founded in 1984, MSAB is a global leader in digital forensic technology for mobile device examination. Today, MSAB’s technology is exclusively used by Law Enforcement, Military, Government Agencies, and Forensic Laboratories in over 100 democratic countries to investigate crime, gather intelligence, investigate fraud and fight corruption.

MSAB’s sole focus is on delivering a trusted digital forensic solution with supporting professional services in order to ensure reliable forensic evidence. This is one of the reasons why MSAB integrated IPEVO document cameras into their flagship XRY Camera solution from over 6 years ago. With the integrated solution, authorized investigators can quickly and effectively retrieve data from mobile phones.

When asked about how the integration works, Mike Dickinson, Chief Business Development Officer at MSAB, explains:

“We selected IPEVO cameras to provide digital forensic supporting evidence of examinations. Typically, our customers use the IPEVO camera to record and photograph mobile devices that digital forensic specialists are examining as part of a serious criminal enquiry. The evidence produced must be of high quality and trusted to be relied upon in a court of law.”

Mike Dickinson, Chief Business Development Officer at MSAB.

Currently, over 75% of the solution users are law enforcement operatives or supporting digital forensic specialists.

Mike then shares with us the user situation before IPEVO document cameras were integrated:

“Users had to rely on taking their own photographs as separate exhibits and were unable to include the evidence within our secure forensic file container to ensure complete chain of custody of the evidence.”

Thanks to IPEVO document cameras, they are now able to secure and preserve the integrity of the digital evidence collected.

IPEVO document camera integrated into MSAB’s XRY Camera solution.

Since the integration of IPEVO document cameras, MSAB has seen increasing sales and adoption of the solution worldwide:

“We have seen widespread adoption of the camera technology across our customer base as supporting evidence and to assist in the documentation of ISO 17025 Quality Assurance for digital forensic labs. We know it is very popular.”

Last but not least, when asked what makes MSAB choose IPEVO document cameras over other brands, Mike says:

“We evaluated various off-the-shelf digital camera technology solutions; we selected IPEVO for a winning combination of affordability, reliability and quality.”