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Justin S. Kahn Case Study

Justin S. Kahn is an attorney and civil litigator with Kahn Law Firm, LLP( in Charleston, S.C. He handles professional liability, personal injury, product liability, contract, and other matters. Mr. Kahn is also an adjunct professor of law at the Charleston School of Law. He has written, lectured, and taught throughout the country on a variety of topics including advocacy, procedure, evidence, ethics, technology, and persuasion.

During these unprecedented times, IPEVO products have allowed Mr. Kahn to remain a fierce advocate, even when in-person communication is limited:

“During these COVID times, I use the IPEVO VZ-X to interact with clients, other attorneys and have even used the IPEVO in motion hearings with the court. Using the device with a webcam and ZOOM allows me to be more than just a talking head. The IPEVO allows me to show and tell to help me explain a point about a document, model, or even a page in a book. Also, when asking questions of a witness or client about a document, I can place marks on the document and confirm what they are talking about and describing.”

Before adopting IPEVO products for trial, Mr. Kahn explains:

”In order to show documents, you would have to do a lot more preplanning by scanning in documents and having extra copies ready to show the jury, judge, or others. Then, the scanned-in documents would have to be placed into the software to be used to present whether on the Mac or an iOS device. If you wanted to mark up something in real-time to show the jury or judge, you would need to have a blow-up made so that everyone could see the point trying to be made.“

But thanks to the IPEVO Visualizer Software, Mr. Kahn now has the ability to see the document and then annotate it on screen without “destroying the document.” Furthermore, the software’s picture in picture tool allows his audience to see his face at the same time he projects a document or object captured by the document camera. Mr. Kahn adds,

“The ability to project the document or even a model in real-time allows for understanding and connection with the witness, jury, or audience. The ease of using the device and software encourages the use and exploration of new ways to show and tell.”

IPEVO products have also empowered Mr. Kahn as an educator. He explains:

“As an adjunct professor for The Charleston School of Law, I am able to be more engaging with students as we review through various materials. When I was in the classroom, I used to use the whiteboard to draw out ideas and phrases for emphasis.”

Furthermore, as a frequent speaker for attorneys on legal issues, persuasion, and technology, Mr. Kahn often demonstrates the benefits of using the IPEVO document camera and its various software tools. He summarizes:

“I do recommend IPEVO to others... In a nutshell, it’s portable, easy to use, and allows you to visually make your points quickly. Now, using the IPEVO VZ-X and DO-CAM, I can highlight points in cases, in the textbook, or write on documents and sketch out concepts in real-time.”