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Mark Lanier Case Study

Mark Lanier using the IPEVO VZ-X Document Camera to showcase annotations to his audience.

Mark is an American Trial Lawyer. With over 35 years of exercising his career, he has made his mark as one of North America's most notable attorneys. His successful trials have inspired many and have been the subject of articles and books.

Because of the nature of his job, it was important for Mark to have the right tools to present his material to the jury in the courtroom. For instance, portability and efficiency were a big deal. He was having trouble trying to find the proper tools for his purpose until he found IPEVO. In his own words:

“Before finding IPEVO Products, I used other projection products. Some were not too portable, and those that were portable had a lower resolution than IPEVO’s document cameras. They were good for what they were but were definitely of an “older” generation”

Mark Lanier using the IPEVO VZ-X Document Camera to showcase annotations to his audience.

IPEVO document cameras allowed Mark to interact with the jury and to do other presentations in a more sophisticated and integrated manner, improving the way he shares information:

“The change with IPEVO has been positive on many levels. First, the resolution is amazing and works great with a high definition display. The software that accompanies the IPEVO allows for incredible, professional editing. It is so intuitive, that one gets great quality within five minutes of being introduced to the software. Furthermore, the IPEVO comes in a wireless variety, making cords obsolete. The battery life is great, and the IPEVO is fully compact. Finally, because of the swivel camera feature, I am able to take the IPEVO and turn it into a portable camera. I have made presentations where I have turned the IPEVO camera upside down enabling me to present the murals that were painted on the ceiling.”

The built-in lighting of the IPEVO VZ-X model allows Mark to have a clear view of his content even in dark environments.

After Mark incorporated IPEVO products into his work set-up he stated that he would recommend IPEVO to other professionals:

“Most definitely. In fact, I already have recommended IPEVO to thousands of people. I use the IPEVO at least weekly. In lectures before thousands, lectures that post on the Internet, in courtrooms, and in conference centers. I use it because it is the best product for my presentations. So naturally, I tell everyone I know about it. I teach people presentation skills and in each of those seminars, I tell them to get an IPEVO. It will transform what they do!”

Mark Lanier hosting his fourth Trial Academy Master Class in 2019.