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Press Release

IPEVO Launches IPEVO VOCAL AI Beamforming Bluetooth Speakerphone The World’s First Speakerphone with Two-Way AI Noise Reduction, For Immersive and Efficient Hybrid Conferencing.

[Sunnyvale, CA, May 23th, 2023] IPEVO, a global leader in professional video conferencing, announced today the release of the IPEVO VOCAL AI Beamforming Bluetooth Speakerphone. This latest product was awarded the rAVe Best of InfoComm Award and the TNT Top New Technology Award 2023 at this year's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023 exhibition held in Barcelona.

For helping professional workers improve communication efficiency, IPEVO launched the world's first Bluetooth microphone speaker with AI intelligent two-way noise reduction and anti-noise technology.

IPEVO VOCAL is the world's first speakerphone with AI-powered two-way noise reduction, offering both omnidirectional and directional microphone modes. Users can easily transform any location into an online conferencing space, where communication can be conducted clearly.

Aaron Lee, General Manager of IPEVO, said,

"In video communication, both image and sound quality are equally important. IPEVO continues to create a perfectly immersive communication experience by launching a variety of multi-functional conferencing devices, including the new IPEVO VOCAL AI Beamforming Bluetooth Speakerphone, to meet the communication needs in the corporate environment. VOCAL's built-in upstream and downstream noise reduction technology is a major milestone in IPEVO's AI algorithm development, allowing users to achieve the highest communication quality, free of distractions."

IPEVO VOCAL AI Beamforming Bluetooth Speakerphone is the latest step in IPEVO’s innovation, with the goal to provide a complete video communication solution and follows the release of a full range of conferencing cameras.

The Ultimate Meeting Assistant Arrives!

IPEVO VOCAL boasts several exceptional features, including the use of beamforming technology, which allows it to filter out the sound from around the speaker. Its AI noise reduction was trained using over 500 million data to effectively identify human voices among environmental noise, maintaining their natural sound after the noise has been filtered out. IPEVO VOCAL is the first speakerphone to introduce bidirectional noise reduction, which removes the noise on both ends of the conference call, ensuring that both parties hear each other and communicate without unexpected disturbances.

IPEVO VOCAL has two built-in microphone modes: directional mode and omnidirectional mode. The directional mode captures sound at a 120° angle and is suitable for one-on-one meetings. The omnidirectional mode covers a full 360° range with a five-meter sound pickup distance, allowing it to perfectly capture the voices of all the people present. Users can easily switch between these modes with a press of a button. IPEVO VOCAL can also be paired with the TOTEM 180 Panoramic Conference Camera to create an ultimate audio-visual experience.

IPEVO VOCAL has two built-in radio modes, "directional radio" and "omnidirectional radio", which users can adjust in time according to their needs, and switch easily with one finger.

IPEVO VOCAL: Portable Design, Broad Compatibility, Perfect for Meetings of All Sizes!

IPEVO VOCAL delivers high-quality audio communication and enhances the user experience with three practical features.

Using an efficient power consumption design, it provides a long-lasting battery life of up to 40 hours, eliminating the hassle of frequent charging. The ergonomic upright body of the speakerphone allows natural posture during communication and easy manipulation. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity it can be quickly deployed wherever it is needed. These features all contribute to a seamless video conferencing experience, which resembles face-to-face meetings.

Additionally, the broad compatibility of IPEVO VOCAL allows direct use with all conferencing apps, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Skype, GoToMeeting, and others. The combination of these features makes IPEVO VOCAL an ultimate device for high-quality online conferencing.

IPEVO VOCAL has a friendly appearance design, and in a multi-person conference situation, participants can easily pick it up and pass it on, making the video conference just like a face-to-face meeting!

The key features of the IPEVO VOCAL AI Beamforming Bluetooth Speakerphone:

  1. World’s First Speakerphone with Two-Way AI Noise Reduction.
  2. Omnidirectional and directional microphone modes.
  3. Having 40 hours long battery life.
  4. Sound pickup distance of 5 meters.
  5. Lightweight, compact, and portable (9.5in/24.15cm tall and weighing 0.76lb/345.5g).
  6. Bluetooth 5.10 and USB-C connectivity.
  7. Plug and play on MacOS, Windows, Chromebooks, mobile devices, and Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  8. Compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Skype, GoToMeeting, Barco, and other video conferencing software.
  9. IPEVO VOCAL is a product designed in Taiwan.

About IPEVO Inc.

IPEVO is a leading brand of professional video conferencing products. Since its establishment in 2007, IPEVO has been committed to transforming the industry by creating simple yet powerful solutions to improve the efficiency of remote communication. In 2022 IPEVO launched a full range of video-conferencing cameras, entering the market of professional conferencing devices to meet the increasing demand for hybrid conferencing solutions that are quickly becoming an equal alternative to personal meetings. Through advanced technology and intuitive user experience, IPEVO’s cameras can easily transform any location into an online meeting space, giving users maximum convenience for online video communication. By constantly introducing innovative features and product designs, IPEVO strives to maximize the video communication experience of its users.