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IPEVO Launches TOTEM 120,
a Portable Video
Conference Camera
for the Hybrid Working Model Sunnyvale, CA -IPEVO Launches TOTEM 120, the Ultimate Video Conferencing Device for the New Hybrid Working Model

Sunnyvale, CA March 1st, 2023IPEVO Inc. the leading manufacturer of intelligent video conferencing devices, IPEVO, has launched TOTEM 120, a smart and portable video conference camera designed for the new hybrid working model. It is innovative, unique, and convenient, and is now available for purchase in the North America market.

TOTEM 120 is a video conferencing device designed for individuals, professionals, and small meeting rooms. During the recent CES exhibition and ITEXPO, its innovation and high-quality design won three major awards in the video conferencing product category, including TechRadar Pro PICKS for CES 2023, Residential Systems PICKS for CES 2023, and TMCnet Video Conferencing Excellence Award.

Equipped with dual lenses, the 120-degree wide-angle lens is suitable for small to medium-sized conference rooms and is perfect for multiple-person conferences, allowing attendees to participate in the meeting while maintaining eye-level communication comfortably and attentively. By switching to the 80-degree lens with built-in autofocus (AF) and adjusting the camera's angle, users can freely share documents on the desktop, display objects, and collaborate on work results with remote teams. The TOTEM 120 is rounded out by its built-in AI framing and AI noise reduction microphone, making it a unique, all-in-one solution for both conferencing and document sharing.

TOTEM is easy to install and uses a USB-C interface for connection and power supply. It is plug-and-play and can be used with various Windows, Mac, and Chromebook computers and is compatible with major video conferencing systems such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and more.

"After the pandemic, people are gradually returning to the office, and the demand for group meetings is increasing, but not as large as before. Many companies and organizations are accustomed to the new form of office work. Webcams are suitable for one-person video conferencing, but when it is necessary to hold a group meeting, having many people crowded in front of a laptop's webcam is not an ideal way to conduct meetings. Modern enterprises need a video conferencing device that is portal, flexible, adaptable to various environments, simple, and quick to install," said IPEVO Marketing Manager Gloria Wan.

TOTEM has created a flexible, simple, and convenient immersive meeting mode for the new hybrid, decentralized, and small group form, allowing users to effortlessly share documents and physical objects. TOTEM 120 also features a noise-reduction microphone that eliminates ambient noises and provides clear voice capturing for meeting conversations. In addition, it supports AI auto framing feature that places attendees in the right place, ensuring everyone in front of the camera stays in the frame. This makes the communication more natural and immersive for the online participants.

IPEVO EyeStageTM, the freely downloadable software, delivers complete control of how your hybrid conference or online presentation is displayed, along with automatic camera control and video modes powered by AI.

TOTEM 120 can be purchased from IPEVO's North American channel partners, and those interested in purchasing or joining sales channel partners can contact:

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