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Leading the Era of Hybrid Communication! Global leader in professional video communication IPEVO launches a new line of products.

IPEVO's new solutions aim to help professionals break through collaboration barriers. The integration of software and hardware is meant to create a new immersive video communication experience .

[December 2022] IPEVO Inc. (TPEX:6858), a global leader in professional video communication, has officially announced its entry into the commercial video communication market. Given its optimistic outlook that “hybrid communication” will become the mainstream, and the growth potential for immersive communication with integrated virtual reality, IPEVO launched a series of 8 immersive communication products geared toward professionals, so that both businesspeople and content creators can fully experience intelligent video collaboration with superb video and sound quality.

The global demand and acceptance of video communication grew rapidly due to the pandemic. Fortune Business Insights, an international research organization, pointed out that the global video communication market will continue to grow in the next few years, and will expand at a compound annual rate of 11.3% to reach US$14.58 billion in 2029. IPEVO has gained a firm foothold in the US education market in the past through document cameras and has become the professional video communication brand favored by educators around the globe. With continued optimism about the business opportunities of video communication, IPEVO integrates past experiences in document cameras and AI software development, and increases its investment on design and R&D. The launch of a series of new commercial software and hardware products will officially launch in 2023 as the first year of the “hybrid communication” era.

Royce Hong, CEO of IPEVO, said,

“The future will be an era of hybrid communication. The environment of the past three years has greatly changed people's work and living habits. In addition to video conferencing, an immersive collaboration and communication mode integrating both online and offline work across all professions will usher in 2023 as the first year of the ‘hybrid communication’ era. Through the new releases, IPEVO expects to offer people the opportunity to overcome the interpersonal communication barriers with technological tools, whether they are working in the office, at home, on the road, or as digital nomads. They can experience first-hand the convenience and infinite possibilities of the hybrid communication era through IPEVO’s products, that offer both quality and aesthetic.”

Hybrid communication becomes the norm

IPEVO launches the IPEVO TOTEM series of conference room cameras and the IPEVO VOCAL series of conference speakers.

IPEVO sets “creating infinite possibilities of communication” as its brand mission. Since its inception, it has focused on high-quality online communication experience as its product goal. As work modes evolve, the newly launched “TOTEM” series of conference room cameras can be utilized in various conference spaces selected by users, with functions such as plug-and-play, auto framing, and AI enhanced image quality. Three products, TOTEM 120, TOTEM 180 and TOTEM 360, will be launched to accommodate different wide-angle scenarios, covering 120, 180, and even 360-degree fields of view. They can be used in various communication situations to meet the demand of working anytime and anywhere, while maintaining communication quality.

The IPEVO TOTEM series of conference room cameras have a stylish appearance, as evidenced by TOTEM 120 winning the prestigious 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award. In addition to the built-in noise reduction function, the IPEVO TOTEM series can be used together with “VOCAL” conference speakers. IPEVO VOCAL offers the world's first uplink and downlink noise reduction functionality to fully solve the problem of background noise, providing professionals with clear audio quality.

IPEVO has also developed the new EyeStage™ software to enhance the video interactive experience, by enabling conference participants can use split screen and face tracking. The built-in AI auto framing function provides portrait centering, 8-person split panoramic conference mode, and document sharing mode. In addition to increasing conference efficiency, it can also break down communication barriers and create a truly immersive hybrid video communication experience.

Enabling Diverse Hybrid Communication Applications

IPEVO Launches Portable Intelligent Scanner and Camera Module for Smart Integrations.

Building on years of experience in the development of document cameras, IPEVO sees that in addition to online conferences, the demand for video communication in the market has more diverse commercial application scenarios and development potential. People in every profession can take maximum advantage of hybrid communication. IPEVO introduced the portable intelligent document scanner solution “V4K-S”, which has three major functions: ultra-fast scanning of one page per second, document camera, and video conferencing camera. Through its SnapCapture OCR software, combined with ABBYY’s optical character recognition technology and Vantage’s smart document processing platform, it can quickly convert text images into machine-readable text, and use the data for analysis, automation, and other procedures. It will be sold as a subscription model in the future.

The new and compact “MP-8M” camera has an innovative modular design and unique mounting accessories. The viewing angle of the lens and its shooting distance can be freely adjusted and configured. It can also be combined with a variety of computer vision applications. With the current pace of digital transformation in various industries, emerging applications such as telemedicine, smart pharmacy, smart production, smart retail, and online financial services are constantly arising. MP-8M can be fully utilized in industrial and commercial fields with high demands for functions such as instant messaging, monitoring, and video recording. The captured images and information can be used as the data basis for edge computing or machine learning.

Creating a New Communication Model

IPEVO to Join Hands with Industry Partners to Usher in 2023 as the First Year of Hybrid Communication.

IPEVO is also working with several partners to apply relevant software and hardware products to digital learning, document processing, digital marketing, business collaboration and other diverse fields. The partnerships include Junyi Academy, ASUS cloud, iKala, Janux, JAG Technology and ABBYY. Industries such as business, education, health care, finance, and cloud storage can be enabled to integrate VR communication models and applications, moving towards the new era of hybrid communication.

Aaron Lee, GM of IPEVO, said,

“In 2022, given the optimism about the strong demand for video communication, IPEVO has formulated four major strategies, including doubling new product development, doubling market coverage, doubling technology development, and doubling partners. By going beyond the education field that we have been endeavoring in for many years, we look forward to working with our partners to design the highest quality software and hardware products for various industries and different business scenarios to create a new era of immersive hybrid communication for professionals.”

IPEVO’s new TOTEM series, VOCAL, V4K-S and MP-8M products will be available in the global market by the end of this year. EyeStage™ and SnapCapture OCR software can be downloaded from the IPEVO’s official website.

About IPEVO Inc.

IPEVO Inc. is a leading brand dedicated to the research and development of professional video communication products. With advanced technology and intuitive user experience design, it provides customers with solutions to improve communication efficiency.

Since its inception in 2007, IPEVO has been focusing on changing the face of video communication. Overturning the traditional overhead cameras for teaching, it redefined and designed a series of simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use document cameras and video teaching software. It further entered the field of commercial applications in 2022 by launching video collaboration products, enabling video-based teaching, learning, communication, conferencing and creative sharing, to be as natural and unrestrained as being in-person.