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Using UDL, and How the IPEVO Doc Cams Can Help

Presenting different materials with ziggi

UDL is a term which has enjoyed a renewed focus in educational circles recently, and we wanted to tell you how the IPEVO Document Cameras — Ziggi and the Point 2 View — can help educators achieve this promising approach to learning.

What is UDL? It stands for Universal Design for Learning. It's a concept that takes up after the universal design movement in architecture. In the same way that buildings can be designed to accommodate the most diverse range of people — like an entrance ramp that could serve bike riders, moms with strollers, and those in wheelchairs — UDL is a framework which encourages curriculum to be designed for the most diverse range of students. UDL acknowledges that no two students learn in quite the same way. As such, "more is more" when it comes to curriculum. By multiplying your methods and your media, you will reach more students and achieve better results overall.

UDL has three major elements:

Representation — Presenting material in many different ways and through multiple media

Expression — Allowing students to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways

Engagement — Making sure there are multiple ways to engage learners and instill that very important "love of learning"

And this is where IPEVO ed tech comes in. Ziggi and the Point 2 View give you the ability to present material in new ways. Just check out our Top 50 ways that educators can use document cameras and 50 MORE ways for ideas. That's a mind-boggling range of ways to both present material and get your students excited about learning. When you multiply the opportunities for students to engage the material, you're fostering a more universal (and thus more effective) learning environment.

Presenting different materials with ziggi

Finding the right mix of teaching methods that "click" with your students is part of the challenge, but it's also part of the fun. Ziggi and the Point 2 View can help you improve your teaching according to all three UDL elements — Representation, Expression and Engagement. It brings material closer to students than ever before, and it opens up a new level of interactivity that can really make a difference in your class.

Remember: We DO accept school purchase orders, and we DO have volume discount rates on both Ziggi and the Point 2 View. Contact for more information. Try one of our affordable document cameras in your class: you won't be disappointed!