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The Lamb Cam – North Country School and Camp Treetops

We know the Point 2 View USB Document Camera is versatile, but some stories from our customers still make us say, “Wow!” This is the case with Joel, the technology director at North Country School and Camp Treetops in Lake Placid, New York.

North Country School and Camp Treetops

The school (grades 4-9 boarding and day) and overnight summer camp (ages 7-14) have shared 200 beautiful acres, complete with working farm, since 1938. Students learn a traditional curriculum with hands-on projects and live in family-style housing. Children all year long participate in daily work jobs, a plethora of wilderness activities and extensive arts offerings. In springtime, lambs are born on site-yes, this really is a working farm! Joel had the idea to share this amazing event with alumni, parents, and the world through live image streaming on UStream. He conducted a thorough search, even buying a couple of $300 doc cams, before finally choosing IPEVO's Point 2 View Camera, which became the school's official “Lamb Cam” (love the name).

Joel shared his experience with other doc cams and his first impressions of the Point 2 View: “We started off with doc cams five or six times the price of the Point 2 View. These doc cams could work without a computer, but they were bulky and had nowhere near the versatility of the Point 2 View. IPEVO's camera is much smaller and lighter than a conventional doc cam, so it was perfect to mount in the barn. Plus, it works effortlessly with Macs, which we use almost exclusively. At the price, I could give one to every one of our teachers and not put a dent in the budget.”

North Country School and Camp Treetops

Joel and Mike, the farm manager, mounted the camera vertically for maximum maneuverability, drilling through the Point 2 View's base and attaching it to a beam in the barn. Our customers' ingenuity never ceases to amaze us. Joel described how the Point 2 View passed a tough test with flying colors:

“We asked a lot from the Point 2 View: mounted in only a semi-heated area, capturing lambs from 30 feet away, and sending its signal through three six-foot USB extension cables. It performed great, and the image quality through the live stream is quite good. Other document cams wouldn't have the depth of field capability of the Point 2 View, and web cams wouldn't be able to achieve the kind of image quality we needed. I've used the Point 2 View for documents, 3D objects, and now as a Lamb Cam, and it's just an easy, quality device to use.”
Joel added one more thing to emphasize that the Point 2 View can perform a variety of functions: “The farm manager lives in a building not far from the barn, and he has used the Point 2 View as a surveillance camera to help keep an eye on the farm animals.”

Whew, that's one busy camera! Many thanks to Joel and North Country School and Camp Treetops for sharing their story. Visit their web site, and also consider checking out the Lamb Cam.

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