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Smile! How iZiggi-HD is Helping Patients in the Dentist's Office

Dr. Hatti is a dentist from Japan who needed a better way to share teeth X-rays with his patients. He found a clever solution to his clinic's problem courtesy of the IPEVO iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera.

"A few key features of iZiggi-HD interested me with respect to sharing X-rays," Dr. Hatti told us. "iZiggi can be connected wirelessly via WiFi, so I don't have to shuffle it between computers. That's a real advantage for me because I see different patients in a single large room throughout the day. I can walk between patients freely without having to deal with wires. iZiggi-HD is also compatible with iPad, which is a big plus because I've found that the iPad Mini 2 is an appropriate size to show patients visual material."

Once Hatti captures a patient's teeth on X-ray film, he lays it on a flat light box (for proper illumination) and then positions the iZiggi-HD camera in order to capture the X-ray. Via the IPEVO Whiteboard app and iZiggi-HD's WiFi capability, the live image feed is displayed on iPad for the patient to view. Dr. Hatti experimented with a few different camera setups in order to find the best way to capture the film, as he explains.

"Because iZiggi-HD has a Macro mode, I've found that the best distance between the camera and the X-ray film is about 5 to 6 centimeters," Dr. Hatti said. "At this distance, a large and detailed image is possible, which of course is crucial to show patients a detailed X-ray of their teeth. I can then use the iPad to zoom the captured image to the desired size without affecting resolution. iZiggi-HD's 2.0 Megapixel camera produces clear, sharp images even for X-ray film, which frankly surprised me."

Here's a screenshot that Dr. Hatti took of an X-ray presented on the iPad Mini. Looking good!


Another advantage of this setup had to do with saving space. "iZiggi-HD doesn't take up a lot of space – its base is smaller than an iPhone 6," Dr. Hatti said. "This is ideal because space is already at such a premium in the room where I treat patients. The whole setup with iZiggi-HD and the light box only takes up a 30x20cm space on my table."


Dr. Hatti also finds it useful to draw on the X-ray image in order to point out areas of interest. Here, the IPEVO Whiteboard app comes in very handy.

"With Whiteboard, I can draw and annotate right on top of the film image with simple tools," said Dr. Hatti. "I can also save a screenshot of the annotated image for reference as part of the patient's record."


Dr. Hatti summed up his experience with the iZiggi-HD in this way: "The best thing about iZiggi-HD is that it allows my patients to view their X-rays instantaneously. iZiggi-HD's WiFi wireless capability and the portable nature of iPad all combine to let me quickly and easily share these images without any hassle or wired connection. Given how it performs for me in the office day in and day out, iZiggi-HD is an unbelievable deal!"

The IPEVO iZiggi-HD Wireless Document Camera is now available from the IPEVO Online Store.

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