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IPEVO's Remote Learning Methods
in Detail

Hi there,

Are you having trouble teaching remotely?
In this webinar, we will share the fundamentals of how to use a document camera to teach remotely. We will walk you through our IPEVO document camera's functions as well as our in-house software's functions. In turn, you will learn how to utilize them for your teaching! At the same time,
you will get a chance to win an IPEVO freebie!
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Who Should Attend
* Teachers
* Technology and Curriculum Directors
* Tech/Academic coaches
* Superintendents
* Principals
* Tutors
* Remote workers
* Trainers/Business coaches
* Parents

Sincerely, IPEVO Team
Topic IPEVO's Remote Learning Methods
in Detail
Speaker Michael Pai
Community Success Director of IPEVO
Date Thursday 5.28.2020
Time 9AM PST/ 11AM CT/ 12PM ET
Duration 60 Min
Speaker Michael Pai
Michael Pai

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