iZiggi-HD Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Before Starting

  1. Please make sure the power cord is connected before upgrading firmware. iZiggi-HD must be kept on and connected to the computer during the entire process. Shutting iZiggi-HD down or disconnecting it during the upgrade process may result in damage to iZiggi-HD.
  2. The iZiggi-HD firmware upgrade can only be done using a PC or Mac. Upgrading firmware using iOS or Android devices is not currently supported.

*Important: Do NOT turn off iZiggi-HD during this process or you may severely damage your document camera.

Upgrading iZiggi-HD's Firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware for iZiggi-HD at support.ipevo.com.
  2. Connect the power cord and press the power button to turn on iZiggi-HD. It may take a few moments for iZiggi-HD to complete its startup sequence.
  3. On your PC/Mac, access available WiFi networks. Connect your computer to iZiggi-HD’s WiFi network. firmware wifi networks connect
  4. Launch your Internet browser and type “” into the address field. firmware launch
  5. Log in. The default password is “admin”. firmware login
  6. Go to “Advanced Settings.” firmware advanced settings
  7. Click on “Firmware Version Upgrade.” firmware version upgrade
  8. Click the “Choose File” button and select the firmware file downloaded from Step 1. choose a file
  9. Click “Upgrade” after the file is selected.
    *Important: Please make sure the correct firmware file is selected before proceeding to upgrade.
  10. Your firmware file will be uploaded to iZiggi-HD once you hit Upgrade. You should see the screen below. Do NOT close the browser, disconnect from iZiggi-HD, or turn off the power during this process. loading...
  11. Once the file is uploaded, iZiggi-HD will automatically begin upgrading the firmware. A countdown timer will appear indicating the time to upgrade completion. firmware upgrading