About iZiggi-HD

IPEVO iZiggi-HD – the wireless document camera designed for iPad, Android Tablet, PC and Mac – is the next evolution in affordable doc cam technology from IPEVO. iZiggi-HD allows you to stream documents, pictures, devices, and 3D objects wirelessly over WiFi. For devices like iPads and Android Tablets without USB ports to connect to an external USB document camera, iZiggi-HD is the clear choice. iZiggi-HD can be easily connected wirelessly to iPads and/or Android Tablets. From there, real-time, high-resolution images of teaching material is right at the user's fingertips for teaching, presenting and collaborating.

Why iZiggi-HD?

Why use a wireless doc cam at all? For iPad and Android tablets, the answer is obvious – a wireless doc cam is a straightforward solution for these devices' lack of a USB port. In addition, there are significant limitations when using a device’s built-in camera. Holding a iPad/tablet for videos and photos comes with unprofessional shakiness, blur, and poor framing – plus it takes up at least one hand. And a laptop's built-in camera is primarily designed for video chats, not for capturing material. On the other hand, iZiggi-HD helps you quickly and effortlessly capture a wide range of material – hands-free and without awkwardly trying to position a built-in camera. Plus, because iZiggi-HD is wireless, it does not have to connect through a USB connection, and thus you can place it most anywhere without having to be tethered to your device. The possibilities are limitless.

Additionally, if you need volume snapshots, long-term video recording, or a stationary camera to cover a certain angle, you need a dedicated camera like iZiggi-HD. Simply place iZiggi-HD anywhere on the desk and access the live image on your tablet or computer. iZiggi-HD's multi-jointed swing arm makes camera adjustments easy, and tweaks to image quality – including exposure, focus, digital zoom, mirroring and more – are always just a click or two away.

Power Up Your Apps with iZiggi-HD

Add the power of iZiggi-HD Wireless Doc Cam to your apps

If you already have an app and your customers are not satisfied with using the device's built-in camera due to fixed angle or height limitations, you are welcome to include iZiggi-HD support on your app. It's straightforward to add an option for wireless doc cam access to your app or software, and the benefits of doing so will quickly become clear. Your customers can now enjoy the advantages of having a second camera source that reduces or eliminates the limitations caused by using a built-in camera. Beyond that, because iZiggi-HD is wireless, it does not have to be tethered to any device during operation. iZiggi-HD's versatility adds to the versatility of your own app, leading to more creative possibilities on the part of your users.

Open up new possibilities

If you are planning to start a new app project and wish to implement a camera image, consider using iZiggi SDK (for iOS), or iZiggi API to take advantage of the convenience and versatility of the iZiggi-HD wireless doc cam.

No matter what your app's camera image needs are, iZiggi SDK (for iOS) and iZiggi API may be just what you're looking for. Here are two examples of apps we developed using iZiggi API:

IPEVO Whiteboard for iPad
IPEVO Whiteboard for Android

Still unsure whether the iZiggi-HD can act as a second camera source for your app? Here are even more possibilities:

  1. As a wireless document reader for the visually impaired
  2. As a versatile camera to take shots and/or capture video for self-created movies, time-lapse/stop motion videos, or games
  3. As a scanner to scan QR codes, grading sheets, documents, bills, texts, and business cards
  4. As a OCR or Text-To-Speech device

The list goes on, and there are a lot more possibilities awaiting your discovery, so start developing your app today.

Visually impaired apps: Pair the iZiggi-HD with an iPad or Android tablet to enlarge small text for the visually impaired. Visually impaired apps
Stop motion apps: With iZiggi-HD, enjoy professional-quality stop-motion videos without the blur. Stop motion apps
QR code scanner apps:
Before & After

Develop Your App Now

To aid in your app development, we are providing the iZiggi SDK (for iOS ) and iZiggi API for your use. With the iZiggi SDK (for iOS ) or iZiggi API, you can develop an app for most any operating system, including iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Microsoft® Windows®.

iZiggi SDK (for iOS ): The iZiggi SDK (for iOS ) contains a set of APIs and software development tools that allows you to easily develop an app for the iOS platform. You'll be provided control over the resolution, focus and exposure of the iZiggi-HD. With the iZiggi SDK (for iOS ) you can even retrieve the video stream of iZiggi-HD directly.

iZiggi API: In addition to the iOS platform, you can develop an app for Android, Mac OS X or Microsoft® Windows® using the iZiggi API. We have included the API Developer Document for the iZiggi API, and this document contains everything you need to know when working with the iZiggi API. With the iZiggi API you can control camera parameters such as image resolution, exposure and more. Bear in mind that the iZiggi API uses standard URL query strings to send requests to iZiggi-HD, returning results in JSON format.

Note: Before you start developing with iZiggi SDK (for iOS ) or iZiggi API, please check your iZiggi-HD firmware version. (How do I check the firmware version of my iZiggi-HD?) Your iZiggi-HD needs an upgraded version of at least v1.0.0.4.

iZiggi-HD Firmware Upgrade Instructions

Develop an app using the iZiggi SDK (for iOS)


Follow 3 simple steps to develop your app using iZiggi SDK (for iOS):

  1. Download the iZiggi SDK (for iOS).
    Start by downloading the iZiggi SDK (for iOS) to your device.
  2. Try the sample code and check the API references.
    Once you've unzipped the downloaded SDK, you’ll find the sample code for iOS, the API reference document, and the development guide.
  3. Perform the steps below to start developing.
    1. Add IPEVOCameraKit.framework to the project in Xcode
    2. In project settings, select the target and link the binary with IPEVOCameraKit.framework
    3. Add [ICCameraManager sharedManager]; to application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: function in the AppDelegate.h
    4. Use [ICCameraManager sharedManager].cameras to get the visible cameras
    5. Use ICNetCamera instance to control the device
    6. If you want the video stream, request the stream from ICCameraStreamProxy
      For example, [[ICCameraStreamProxy sharedProxy] addStreamObserver:self forCamera:camera]; Then implement the ICCameraStreamProxyDelegate protocol to receive the image frame
Download iZiggi SDK (for iOS)

Develop an app using the iZiggi API

using iziggi api

Follow 3 simple steps to develop your app using iZiggi API:

  1. Connect your device to iZiggi-HD over WiFi.
    Access and configure your device's WiFi settings to connect to iZiggi-HD's network.
  2. Use Bonjour to discover iZiggi-HD.
    iZiggi-HD can be discovered using Bonjour (https://developer.apple.com/bonjour/)*. In the Service Name field, use “mjpegStreamer.tcp” to get information from iZiggi-HD. iZiggi-HD should return its Host Name and Port, which can then be used to get the M-JPEG video stream.
    Note: For computers without Bonjour service installed, use the wireless gateway IP instead to access the M-JPEG video stream.
  3. Call the APIs.
    After iZiggi-HD is discovered, your apps can now use HTTP query strings to send requests to iZiggi-HD's Host Name. After sending a request, apps will get a response from iZiggi-HD. For more information about APIs, please see the Developer Document. The Developer Document contains everything you need to know when working with iZiggi API. You can control camera parameters such as image resolution, exposure and more. The API uses standard HTTP query strings to send requests to iZiggi-HD. As a result, you can develop apps for most any operating system, including iOS, Android, Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows, returning results in JSON format.
Link to iZiggi API


FAQ about iZiggi-HD

What is the maximum distance for iZiggi-HD's wireless streaming?
The effective range of iZiggi-HD is 33ft (10m). Actual effective range may vary due to environmental factors such as obstacles and other wireless signals. Please adjust the placement accordingly to get the best streaming results.
Can iZiggi-HD's stream be viewed over WiFi with multiple devices simultaneously?
Due to bandwidth and system limitations, we recommend using only one device at a time to display iZiggi-HD’s Live View. Using two or more devices to display Live View may result in laggy or frozen video due to insufficient bandwidth or system resources.
How do I check the firmware version of my iZiggi-HD?
  1. Connect a PC or Mac to iZiggi-HD over WiFi.
  2. Launch a browser and type “” (iZiggi-HD’s IP) into the address field.
  3. Log in. The default password is ”admin”.
  4. Go to "Advanced Settings."
  5. Under “System Information,” you'll see the current firmware version. iZiggi-HD needs an upgraded version of at least v1.0.0.4.

FAQ about iZiggi SDK (for iOS ) or iZiggi API

I encountered some technical problems while developing the app, Do you provide any help?
If you have any questions related to iZiggi SDK (for iOS) or API, feel free to contact us at developer@staff.ipevo.com.
Where do I publish my app?
Publish your app in the app store that relates to the OS you are developing for, namely, Google Play™ or the Apple App Store.
Can I sell my app if I use iZiggi SDK (for iOS) or API?
Yes. Using iZiggi SDK (for iOS) or API does not affect your ability to charge for your app.
Does iZiggi SDK (for iOS) or API cost anything?
No. iZiggi SDK (for iOS) or API is absolutely free.