Availability and Safety Announcements

Availability and Safety Announcements

Notice on the Availability of IPEVO Products:

Due to COVID-19 and a tremendous increase in demand, most of our products are either currently out of stock or in short supply. Nonetheless, we will fulfill our stock to meet market needs very soon and we are accepting direct Back-Orders on some of our products.

Our mission is to provide simple and powerful products that are also affordable. Please note that there are different third party sellers that also carry our products. If you have any concerns regarding our product pricing, please check out our latest pricing through our official channels.

Fake, Phishing and Spoof Email. Beware!

It’s been reported that a fake email domain has been contacting IPEVO clients with harmful intentions. The @ipevo.com has been used as @lpevo.com (a lowercase L instead), so please pay extra attention to the domain of the email address.

If you suspect that you have received a fake email, we urge you not to proceed with any action solicited in the email. Instead, immediately report it to us by sending an email to sales@ipevo.com so we can take appropriate measures.