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For iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4

Black Light Gray Black Denim Red Tan
Model Number: 5-847-D-01-00 

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Simple 1-2-3 to pair the bluetooth keyboard in 30 seconds and start operating the iPad offscreen!
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New Back Stand

All new stand design is easy to organize and even easier to setup.

Your New iPad, Maximized

A luxury look and extraordinary versatility — you get it all with Typi, the all-in-one accessory that will take your new iPad into new dimensions of productivity. You get a rugged professional case, a built-in stand and a full QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard, all in a compact, go-anywhere folio. Packed with smart features, Typi maximizes what you can do with the revolutionary new iPad.

Typi is designed for iPad 4 and iPad 3, and it can also accommodate the iPad 2. Handcrafted felt and leather look terrific in any setting while protecting your device from everyday wear and tear. All ports and controls — including the front and rear camera lenses — are accessible with Typi's custom design.

But portable style and protection are just the beginning of what Typi delivers. The strap that closes the folio doubles as a stand. It's easy to reconfigure the strap and support your new iPad upright. The viewing angle is perfect for a wide variety of applications, and all with no hassle or complicated apparatus.

Last but certainly not least is the included wireless Bluetooth keyboard, which attaches to the inside cover with magnets and detaches with a gentle tug. With the power of a full QWERTY keyboard at your disposal, you'll conquer emails and reports so much faster than with the iPad's touchscreen keyboard. And custom hotkeys for common iPad functions like search, playback, and volume control (including mute) increase your ability to get things done faster and better.

Note: rubbing or scratching the product on article or object of lighter color may cause color migration.

The new iPad continues the post-PC revolution. And Typi helps you take the new iPad even further.


PV-01 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for iPad 4, iPad 3, and iPad 2

PV-01 360 Degrees Rotating Folio Case for iPad 4, iPad 3, and iPad 2

Red Black Black Denim Gray
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Black Light Gray Black Denim Red Tan