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360 degree Rotating Folio Case

For ipad 2, ipad 3 and iPad 4PV-01

Red Black Black Denim Gray
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Model Number: 5-845-2-01-00 

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Spin and stand. The 2-in-1 360° Rotating Folio Case serves as a separate iPad case and props up the iPad just the way you need it.
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RedBlackBlack DenimGray

360 Degree Rotating Folio Case for iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad 2

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The PV-01 Folio Case gives you 360° of viewing freedom for iPad 4, iPad 3 as well as iPad 2. With its unique central pivot that makes orientation for any app quick and easy, Rotating Folio Case is the premium two-in-one case and stand with all the right moves.

The case protects your iPad 4, iPad 3 or iPad 2 from everyday wear and the usual dings and scratches. All ports and controls, including the rear and front camera lenses, are accessible when the iPad is installed, so you'll never have to take your case out. Just slip the iPad in and secure it with a Velcro tab.

The circular pivot allows the inside case to rotate 360° for landscape and portrait orientations. And grooves on the inside cover give you three viewing angle options when you use Rotating Folio Case as a stand. The result is complete viewing versatility. And with a gentle tug, the case separates from the folio for times you want an even sleeker profile. The case can be rejoined with the folio just as easily.

Rotating Folio Case features sleep magnets for smart power management. When you close the case, and no matter which way you put the iPad in, the iPad will go into sleep mode. Open the folio and iPad wakes back up. One other convenient feature is a stylus strap on the inside spine of the case. Rotating Folio Case comes in four colors: Red, Black, Gray, and Black Denim.

Don't limit your viewing options. Take a spin with Rotating Folio Case.

Note: rubbing or scratching the product on article or object of lighter color may cause color migration.

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