24/7 webcam Science with IPEVOkevin mclaughlin
I recently received an IPEVO Point to View USB web camera and I have been very impressed with its ease of use, sturdiness and image quality. We have been using the webcam quite a bit in class for instant displaying of student work through the projector onto the board and demonstrating activities to the class particularly art based work.

TUAWSteven Sande
Over the past few weeks, I've been getting up to speed on using Telestream's Wirecast Pro for Mac to broadcast the weekly TUAW TV Live show. In this review, I'll describe some of the features of the latest version (4.1.3) of Wirecast Pro, and how it will be streamlining the production of the show.

EightShapesNathan Curtis
The design studio approach continues to gain favor in our process. It brings together teams to rapidly brainstorm, create solutions to a defined problem in a structured process. It’s all about sketching and sharing ideas visually, together, really fast.

Ladybug's Teacher FilesKristen
Sooo...I posted last winter about my lovely little IPEVO document camera. This is one of the most incredible tools we have in our classroom. And it was only $69.00!! For a document camera!

EightShapesNathan Curtis
Over the past few years, EightShapes has embedded sketching into workflow to quickly generate ideas. Whether with our clients using formal scenarios, or internally to work through ideas ad-hoc, sketching is now part of our DNA, and reinforces our core value of “show, don’t tell.”

Kathy Schrock's KaffeeklatschKathy Schrock
Good things come in small (low-cost) packages! With so many of us trying to demo our smartphones, iPads, or other devices to an audience of educators, the IPEVO Point 2 View ($69) is something to consider for your toolbox! It easily connects to a computer to project to a large group using an LCD projector for real-time viewing of the screens of the electronic devices we are trying to show. Of course, you can project anything flat or 3-dimensional, too, when teaching other content areas. Typical examples include documents for whole-class discussion and mark-up, coins for teaching money for the elementary grades, or tiny bugs and shells in science class.

K5 Computer Lab Steve Lee Ignacio
The Ipevo P2V (Point 2 View) document camera is an affordable document camera solution suitable for educational use. Priced under $100.00, this 2 mega pixel USB webcam is compatible with PC or MAC.

Bringing Technology to a Public Elementary School Eliane
Ah. The ELMO. Teachers love the ELMO. It's a document camera with a light that plugs into your projector and allows you to share books, children's work, small things like bugs with a whole class of children. But. The ELMO costs several hundred dollars. Dollars which as you know we just don't have. Of course our school is not alone in being strapped for cash and searching the net led me to the IPEVO camera.

The Mind of a ChildDarthMacGoogle
I first saw the iPevo document camera at an Apple Professional Development Consultant training session, where my colleague and I were preparing to deliver a quick iPad demo in a conference room about the size of a classroom.

A GeekyMomma's BlogLee Kolbert
On any normal day in my classroom, I'm using my computer, projector and document camera. My students are using my 2 computers in the classroom in addition to an older Mac and a Netbook that ...

Education Soontucksoon
I just bought the IPEVO Point 2 View (P2V) document camera for SGD$99 and was eager to let it have a shootout with the AVerMedia Visualizer (costs SGD$600+) in classroom.

Learning in TouchDavid Baugh
One of the things that many teachers and trainers ask about it how to demo using an iOS device for an audience.  There is no traditional video out on iOS devices apart from movies, photos and video out built into specific apps.  So what is the best way to do it.  The IPEVO is a great solution as cameras go with its solid stand, decent software and adaptability.

Learning in HandTony Vincent
Unless you're willing to jailbreak your device or you're Steve Jobs, there's not a way to directly pipe your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad's screen into a computer or projector. Teachers who use these devices with students would love to have this feature. Direct video from a handheld or slate allows for crisp, crystal-clear, and glare-free video of the the device. This could be projected on the wall so the whole class can see what's on the small device.

Assistive TechnologyBrian S. Friedlander
As many of you know by now I carry quite of bit of technology with me when I am doing presentations and workshops. I always carry with me my laptop, data projector, PaperShow, and speakers. The only other piece of equipment that I wanted to add to my toolkit was a document camera, but I had not found just the right one for me. Then a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to the iPevo Point 2 View Camera at the New Jersey Computer Cooperative (NJECC) by Dave Marra from Apple Computer. Dave was using the iPevo Point 2 View Camera to demonstrate some apps on his iPhone. I was totally blown away by the quality of the picture that I saw and by the size and flexibility of the camera and knew that I had to get my hands on one to review for you. I would like to thank Pauline from the iPevo Company for providing me with this review unit.

The Ipevo P2V is a desktop/laptop 2 Megapixel USB web camera giving you a quality picture with a number of convenient mounting options. The P2V can be clipped to the top of a laptop, attached to an articulated stand, and also held in your hand like a small flashlight.

TEACH42Steve Dembo
The two accessories that I’ve purchased for displaying what’s on the iPad screen are the official VGA Dock Connector from Apple and the Point 2 View document camera...

TUAWSteven Sande
One of the things that was a bit frustrating for me after purchasing the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter was finding out that it doesn't work with every iPad app.

Mac LifeJ.R. Bookwalter
If you’re frustrated because the iPad’s video out isn’t a universal feature in all apps, there’s another way to share your presentations.

geek.comJoel Evans
We’ve reviewed a number of webcams in the past but this particular one from IPEVO offers up a different enough feature set that we had to put it through its paces.

Geeky GadgetsRoland Hutchinson
The key to the P2V’s wide range of uses is its unique stand. Featuring a solid weighted base and multiple joints, the P2V’s stand allows the camera to capture anything and everything, from any distance and angle.

I usually don't pay attention to webcams because I assume all computers come with them nowadays.

However, given current budget constraints in most schools and the specs of this product, it looks to be a worthwhile investment.