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IPEVO Document Cameras now with Evernote Support

With the new built-in Evernote tool, you can do even more with your IPEVO Document Camera:

  • Add image captures directly to Evernote
  • Read and manage captures on your iPad or phone
  • Share captures with your class or peers
  • Use Evernote to easily search through your captures

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IPEVO Presenter is the latest feature rich software for IPEVO document camera family. IPEVO Presenter not only inherited all the favorite features from P2V including camera mode, full screen mode, zoom and exposure adjustment... etc, more over, Presenter also incorporated with Evernote service, allowing quick and easy access to your Evernote account. With IPEVO Presenter, uploading snapshots and photos no longer requires a browser and complicated steps. All photos captured with IPEVO document camera can be synchronized to your Evernote account in just a few clicks.

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Kathy Schrock
Kathy Schrock @kathyschrock

As a long time user of the IPEVO Point 2 View and Ziggi USB document cameras, I was excited when IPEVO asked me to take a look at a new feature in their desktop software-- its seamless integration with Evernote!

I finally had started using Evernote on a regular basis and was not quite a power user yet, but it was super easy to send the IPEVO captured image to Evernote as a note with an attached photo!

With so many classrooms using the IPEVO doc cams and students using Evernote to curate their resources, the addition of Evernote integration to the Point 2 View and Ziggi software will be very welcomed by teachers and students alike!

Leslie Fisher
Leslie Fisher @lesliefisher

Two of my favorite products working together? You could imagine my excitement. I know I would not be as effective in my work without these two products.

I use Evernote for all of my notes, web clippings and tablet drawings. I use an IPEVO document camera when I present. It is the best document camera available dollar for dollar and pound for pound.

Adding Evernote compatibility to IPEVO's document cameras is going to be a great feature for education. Now students and educators can fluidly add to their Evernote accounts whatever they are viewing and capturing. I am a big fan of removing extra steps from any workflow process. Especially when it is during the time limited act of teaching and learning. This will be a great combination.

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